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CrossFit is for everyone from stay-at-home moms to military personnel, from the recreational fitness fanatic to the competitive athlete. Whether you are new to training or are an elite athlete, CrossFit will make you more fit for life. The sport of fitness.

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Paleo FAQ's

…you might consider going Paleo. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea this FAQ is a good place to start.

Q: What is Paleo? Why do I even think I want to eat this way?

A: Simply put, Paleo is meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. You want to eat this way because it’s the way our bodies are designed to feed. It’s simple, healthy, well balanced eating. Paleo is also fantastic for improving your athletic performance.

Q: What about potatoes and corn?

A: Not vegetables, sorry. Too high on the glycemic index, too high a glycemic load.


Q: What’s that mean?

A: The sugar these foods carry is too rapidly delivered into the bloodstream (glycemic index) and the amount is much too dense (glycemic load).

Q: And I should care about that because…?

A: Glucose causes a rise in blood suger. A rise in blood sugar causes your body to produce insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone and one of it’s jobs is to save the extra energy from a blood sugar spike as – wait for it – body fat. So, low, steady blood sugar levels from a diet of fairly low glycemic index foods in appropriate amounts = a lean, healthy you.

Q: There’s no bread on here?

A: No grains here at all. Pretty high on the glycemic index, high glycemic load and the gluten issues.

Q: What about whole grains? Aren’t they good for you?

A: No. The only difference between “whole grain” and refined white flour is the ratio of fiber to the other stuff.

Q: No beans either? They’re good for you, I’m sure, especially peanuts.

A: Nope. Read this

Q: You’re a madman! I can’t do this all at once if I can do it at all. Is there an easy way to start?

A: Yes. Take whatever time you need. Try one meal a day, or one day a week for a while.  The idea is to change your life for the better, so ease into it at your own pace. But I have to tell you, you’ll see the most dramatic improvement in your health and how you feel after you’re eating Paleo full time for 2 weeks or more. Get to this point as quickly as you can.

Q: I can’t live without booze. How much can I have?

A: Technically, none. Whiskey, beer, etc are made from grains and this is one of the things we want to avoid. Wine is not grain-based, obviously, but has a pretty high carb load. Drink it sparingly. Good news (maybe),  tequila is Paleo.

Disclaimer: If you’re celebrating a significant event – a wedding, a death, a divorce, a bachelorette party – Mazel Tov! Enjoy! Just use some sense. BUT, and it’s a big but, a significant event is NOT having your dog neutered, getting a haircut, buying a new  lawn mower or sundown. We’re trying to change our lives, after all.

Q: My parents/wife/significant other/husband/roommates are Italian/Jewish/Armenian/not Cave people /Japanese/Brazilian. I can’t avoid grains!

A: Yes, actually, you can. I don’t want you to go hungry, I want you to replace some of what you’re used to eating with other stuff. Pasta with spaghetti squash, for example. Try it  for 2 weeks, if you don’t like it you can go back.. You’re a CrossFit’er, you can do it.

Q: What about portions? Isn’t portion control a big deal?

A: Baby steps, Bob. If you’re already Zoning and want to shift to Paleo foods, go for it. If you’re eating a typical American diet then our major concern at this point is food quality. We’ll address portions/macronutrient ratios and meal timing at a later date. 

For now, a palm sized serving of protein, as much vegetable matter as you want and a chunk of good fats. 3 or 4 times a day. Don’t go around hungry. If you are, then eat something. Refer to The Food Matrix. See below as a Google Doc.

Q: I need more guidance. Give me amounts.

A: For you solid number types, 3-6 ounces of protein (read: meat, fish, eggs, tofu, if you must), 6-10 ounces of veggies, 2-4 ounces (roughly a handful) of nuts or half an avocado or a tablespoon of olive, coconut or walnut oil is a meal.

 Don’t get hung up in the numbers. Eat, enjoy, live your life, repeat.

Q: Hold on one damn minute! No dairy, either?

A: Everybody is allergic to cow dairy to some extent. It’s an immune system stressor. Avoid it as best you can. Again, give it 2 weeks, you can go back to it if you want. Think of this as a chance to break out of your old life.

Q: That’s a lot of cooking. I don’t cook/I can’t cook/I hate to cook/I really don’t have time for all this.

A: Unless you’re an air fern, you’re eating now. Adapt what you do to this plan. Think and prepare ahead is the key here. Veggies are easy. Fresh can be eaten raw most of the time, frozen steam or brown up in no time, canned don’t even have to be an option.  Prepare your proteins in batches and refrigerate until needed. Reheat or eat cold. 

Q: What about eating out?

A: Same basics apply. Sub the potato for the steamed vegetables, hash browns, out, fruit plate, in. Don’t eat the bread. Evaluate your priorities and make smart choices.

Q: I travel for work/school/because I don’t like you. What do I do?

A: Prep ahead. Zip Locs and disposable plastic tubs are your friends. ‘Wave or eat cold. Whatever works.

Q: What about when the 2 week trial is over? What then?

A: You’ll have a whole new outlook on eating and a new set of skills to go forward with. Via con dios. As your performance improves you’ll need to dial in your nutrition more and more and you’ll be ready. But the results you get are going to make you want to continue. Hear me now, believe me later.

In the end this is pretty simple stuff. Follow the basic prescription, practice a little, you’ll find it’s not that hard.

Zone Specific FAQ

Q: Why Zone?

 A: The Zone diet is about ratios of macro-nutrients, that is, Protein, Carbs and Fat. That’s it. How much of each you want to eat in a day. It’s an effective, straightforward, simple measuring tool.

Read this. It’s an outline with 99 44/100% of what you’ll ever need to know about eating in The Zone.

Q: How do I figure my Blocks?

 A: Go here. 

Protein is 1 oz per Block (fish is 1 1/2 oz), Fat is 1/3 tsp liquid oil, Carbs are more varied, you’ll have to look them up individually. This is a rough rule of thumb.

Q: What do I need to do this?

 A: A small food scale and a set of measuring cups and spoons. And a Block Chart.  There are things on the chart that you might not like or want to avoid but in all it’s a good list. Also use the Food Matrix.

More questions, get with me.  334.414.8121

The CFG Food Matrix – Eat Something

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